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R:COM Fleet Management
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The industry's best solution for improving fleet efficiency & delivering greater savings while maximizing customer service.  R:COM offers product features that can be selected to meet your specific operational requirements.

Product Features

Vehicle Tracking - R:COM Vehicle Tracking is the core of the R:COM system, vehicle tracking delivers location management, geo-fencing, trip & stop reporting and route replay while minimizing associated data costs.

Fuel Management -  R:COM Fuel Management is the proven industry standard for fuel costs savings.  R:COM customers achieve savings of between 5-10% with minimal effort.  Savings in excess of 10% are achievable if supplemented with driver training and coaching.

Driving Style Management - R:COM Driving Style Management is the most sophisticated solution on the market today resulting in significant fuel savings, safer driving, improved vehicle reliability and reduced repair and maintenance costs.

Temperature Management - R:COM Temperature Management is the industry's leading solution for over a decade.  R:COM customers have saved millions of dollars of perishable goods from being spoiled and provide them with documentation to meet more stringent health and safety regulations for the transportation of perishable goods.

Driver In-Cab Communication - R:COM Driver In-Cab Communication provides cost effective and efficient message and job information to drivers.

Hours of Service - R:COM Hours of Service feature is designed to help trucking companies improve safety and compliance and is specifically designed to meet the CSA 2010 requirements.

IFTA - R:COM International Fuel Tax Agreement feature simplifies IFTA compliance and streamlines the reporting process saving you thousands of dollars and countless man hours in meeting these regulations.

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