About Us

Mission Statement

At Transport Specialists, Inc. our customers always come first in all aspects of servicing refrigeration units, parts sales and unit sales. We are committed to our customers by providing them with service exceeding their expectations and above our competition.

This higher level will be achieved by approaching our customers and potential customers within our primary area of responsibility and showing them we want their business and are willing to put their needs first. This will allow our dealership to be more profitable and meet management and corporate sales goals.

Transport Specialists, Inc. is committed to a safe working environment meeting all aspects of environmental issues, disposal and reclaiming issues of used oils and refrigerants, OSHA laws, local fire codes and insurance regulations. We provide a higher standard wage to qualified technicians.

Our dedication to providing honest and fair service is not something extra—it’s who we are. We earned our excellent reputation through hard work and special attention to who really matters: you, the customer. This belief rests firmly on the foundation of problem-solving through technological innovation that we began with that first trailer mechanical refrigeration unit in 1938. We lower costs by improving energy efficiency and reducing weight and the need for maintenance. When we bring out new models, customer profitability is the first priority.